In observing EnoB's diverse design and branding approaches, our team identified key areas for improvement. Through extensive research and experience, we honed in on enhancing design coherence and internal organization within EnoB's visual narrative.
Within this project, I embark on a journey to illuminate the contemporary relevance of masks in a world irrevocably transformed by the pandemic. By reimagining these masks from the depths of the Joseon Dynasty, I seek to unearth a source of resilience in the face of uncertainty, forging a connection to technology as a powerful medium of expression and exploration.
The emergence of the "Almond Mom" TikTok phenomenon prompted me to introduce the concept of a "Peanut Mom" for a specific reason. While the "Almond Mom" trend promotes the integration of almonds into family diets, I wanted to advocate for a more balanced and diverse approach to nutrition, countering the exclusivity of one ingredient.
The name of our fragrance, Ce Soir, was chosen to capture the feeling of anticipation and excitement that comes with getting ready for a night out. It's all about spraying on the fragrance and feeling confident that something amazing will happen tonight.
In today's world, urbanization and development have distanced us from nature. Our art project aims to reconnect by using electric energy to create natural sounds through LP players. These players interact with nature, converting kinetic energy into soothing melodies. Through visuals, we illustrate this transformation, showcasing nature's beauty through sound.
Inspired by the rising demand for pet taxis in a growing pet-owning community, I set out to address the lack of transportation options for beloved pets with the creation of 'CaCaO PET Taxi,' offering an innovative solution.
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