This project delves into the profound impact of masks in our society, particularly amidst a pandemic, starting with the question: 'How do masks reflect on our times?' Through my MFA Communication Design thesis at Pratt Institute, I aim to illuminate the pervasive issue of Asian discrimination and its profound impact on communities. My goal is twofold: to shed light on the pervasive issue of Asian discrimination and to express anxieties as an Asian living in New York City, using art as a medium to spark awareness and dialogue rather than conflict.
Inspired by the rich cultural heritage of the Great Joseon Dynasty in Korean history, where masks were symbols of rebellion and societal critique, I seek to reimagine these historical artifacts. Through innovative VR reinterpretations, I aim to breathe new life into these age-old masks, bringing them into the modern context and exploring their relevance in today's world.
Amidst escalating social tensions exacerbated by the pandemic, I explore the multifaceted role of masks as tools for anonymity and playful expression. Through interactive installations, I facilitate dialogues with viewers, encouraging them to share their experiences in New York City and prompting reflection on the role of masks in navigating such challenges.
Utilizing advanced 3D modeling techniques, I intricately merge elements of contemporary relevance into these historical masks. This fusion enables them to transcend their original context, transforming into symbolic artifacts that mirror the intricate layers of our modern society. These masks become more than just historical relics; they evolve into potent symbols that reflect the complexities and challenges of our time.

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