In our contemporary world, the relentless march of urbanization and relentless pursuit of progress have led to a disconnection from nature, relegating it to mere resource exploitation. The once ubiquitous symphony of water, wind, and rustling leaves has faded into obscurity.
In response, our artistic endeavor aims to revive the essence of lost nature through the conduit of electric energy, seeking a harmonious coexistence with the natural world. Our vision materializes in the form of a device, ingeniously converting electrical power into the serene melodies of nature through the timeless medium of the LP player—a symbol of analog electrical energy bridging the chasm between modernity and the organic.
Our device embarks on a journey where LP players collide with natural elements, igniting a dance of physical kinetics. The resultant energy cascades through intricate pathways, resonating with beads and transforming into a symphony of natural sounds. Through visual representation, we endeavor to encapsulate the metamorphosis of energy into the ethereal beauty of nature's melodies, offering a tangible glimpse into the transformative power of sound.

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